• Threatened ancient tree - Frankland River - by Michael Dempsey
    Threatened ancient tree - Frankland River - by Michael Dempsey

Action For Tarkine

Defend one of the Earth’s last wild places with us – Tasmania’s Tarkine

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Logging is planned in the Tarkine’s ancient forests.

Tasmania’s takayna / Tarkine contains large tracts of intact forests, including the largest temperate rainforest in Australia, a relict of the ancient continent of Gondwana. Globally significant ancient forests that are home to rare, threatened and endangered species.

Plans by Forestry Tasmania to log upstream in the Frankland catchment in Tasmania’s Tarkine in February are a direct threat to one of the best habitats left for the world’s largest freshwater crayfish, Astacopsis Gouldi.  These creatures have lived safely in the Tarkine since the age of the dinosaurs. The remarkable blue morph of the Astacopsis Gouldi lives only in the Frankland River.

Along with the crayfish, Australia’s largest bird of prey the Tasmanian Wedge-tailed eagle, and Tasmania’s largest nocturnal bird, the Masked owl, live in the threatened tall eucalyptus forest and rainforests on the banks of the Tarkine’s Frankland river.

We are taking peaceful action for these forests and we need you to help.

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